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Westmac Canine Therapies
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    Each of our sessions are individually tailored to suit the clients needs. 

    The length of your dogs session within the Underwater Treadmill will vary from session to session, and it is very likely for the first few sessions that your pet will only be in the water for a few minutes. Hydrotherapy uses the forces of the water acting on the muscles to build and strengthen them, as such a 5 minute session in the water can be the equivalent to a 5 mile run on land! Therefore the Hydrotherapist or Physiotherapist will advise of the appropriate time for each case.

    Your pet will be showered off in our mineral water before and after their Underwater Treadmill session, and we can shampoo after the treatment if the owner wishes. Our bath is low to the floor so is perfect for any size dog or any condition which may hinder mobility. 

    All our clients will be fitted with a Ruffwear Webmaster harness for their treatment to ensure safety and comfort.

    We have a kitchen area so if you would like a tea, coffee or glass of fresh mineral water all you have do is ask! 

    Our Treatments

    Initial Assessment Appointment

    All of our clients here at Westmac will begin with an initial assessment appointment. This is so that we can take time to get to know you and your pet before any treatment commences. The initial assessment will be 1 hour long which allows us to move at a speed that provides most reassurance for your best friend.

    In this time we will do a gait analysis for your pet to observe the way that they move, and we will also measure key areas of their structure to note the natural differences in their build. These points will be reassessed regularly to document improvements. We will also weigh your pet and provide a 7 point health check which will include: 

    1. Eyes,
    2. Ears,
    3. Mouth and gums,
    4. Coat and skin condition,
    5. Check for lumps, cuts or abrasions,
    6. Proprioception,
    7. Resting heart rate. 

    We will then commence the first session within the Underwater Treadmill.

    Recuperative Appointment

    The recuperative appointments follow on from the initial assessment. The Hydrotherapist or Physiotherapist will have devised a treatment plan within the Underwater Treadmill that they feel is appropriate for your pet, and the sessions will work towards realistic goals and aims based on the information from your Veterinary referral, and also the information gathered from your initial assessment. Depending on each individual case these session are usually on a once a week basis.

    A report will be produced after each of these sessions which will be made available to your Veterinary Surgeon. A copy can also be sent to your own email if requested. 

    Maintenance Appointments

    Once the Hydrotherapist feels that your pet is ready you will be moved onto our maintenance program. This will be fully discussed with you once we feel you are ready as the time frames will be different for every animal we see. These sessions are designed to be used over a more extended time frame, for example once every 2/3 weeks, to help maintain your pets performance after recovery.


    Most Insurance plans will recognize Hydrotherapy as a form of recovery therapy. Please check with your insurer to find out if there is a limit to the number of sessions they will allow for.

    Owners will be expected to pay on the day for any treatment received and claim these sessions back off their insurance afterwards.