Who Benefits?

Othopaedic / Neurological Conditions


 Hydrotherapy is highly beneficial as a means of recovery or maintenance for a vast range of orthopaedic (bone/joint)  or neurological (spine/nerve) conditions

E.g. Cruciate Injuries, Elbow/Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patellas, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Degenerative Myelopat

Age Associated Ailments & Puppy Socialisation


 Hydrotherapy is an excellent way of relieving the discomfort experienced by older dogs from age associated ailments, keeping them comfortable and active for longer

E.g. Arthritis, Spondylosis, muscle weakness or atrophy

Puppies can also benefit from the therapeutic nature of Hydrotherapy. See our Puppy Socialisation Package appointment information below

Fitness & Fun



The therapeutic properties of our treatment water provide the perfect outlet for energetic, active dogs to build and maintain optimum physical condition, cardiovascular fitness and stamina levels. 

The glass sides of our underwater treadmill allow us to encourage correct gait and movement at varying speeds, perfect for agility, show and obedience competitors.